Hand-drawn wieners on a sustainably sourced greeting card. Caption: "You've been working your balls off and I see you."

Working Your Balls Off

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There are idioms we say here at FDT that are not real sayings even though we think they are. Like the message on this card. "Working one's balls off" simply means someone who has been kicking ass and taking names. I guess we could have just put that on a card, huh?

Either way, acknowledge the hard work of a colleague or anyone who has been puttin' in work with this wiener card. But if HR asks where you got this card, we know nothing...

Caption: You've been working your balls off and I see you.

Card deets: 4.13" x 5.83" | 16pt paper thickness. Folded and blank inside. Sustainably sourced. Made with love and packaged by human hands.

Wholesale greeting cards available. Drop us a note at hello@friendsdothis.com.