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Boring Cards Be Damned
Boobies and wieners come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. And it's kind of hard to look at a bunch of them on a card and not smile. Try it! You're smiling aren't you?! Perv...
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Snail Mail = Good Juju
Nothing keeps a friendship alive like a well timed greeting card. There's just one problem... most greeting cards are boring AF. Fear not. We make cards that, well, don't suck. 

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Snail mail is all about sending good vibes.
Mediocre jokes + special offers and giveaways.
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Friends Do This Owners Carolyn, Jordan, and Julia
Friends Do This Greeting Cards.
What Friends Do
We're besties on a mission to inspire more mailbox happy dances. So we doodled some boobs, sketched some wieners and BOOM: a small, mildly inappropriate, but always honest biz, was born.
 At Friends Do This, we:
✔️ Occasionally use bad words 
✔️ Enjoy a good streaking
✔️ Always carry stamps
Welcome! We are so tickled you found us!
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Be fing kind sticker
Mothering is hard card.
Send good vibes yo sticker
How's it hanging penis card.
Funny mastectomy cards.
Happy new baby boob card.
Avocado Boobs.