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  • Lone Wolf in Mid-Life: Cheryl Strayed on Friendship

    In this new blog series, "Cheryl Strayed on Friendship" we'll be sharing excerpts from Cheryl's column Dear Sugar and her podcast on questions she's received and answered regarding friendship. If you need more Cheryl in your life (read: you do) get yourself a copy of her book, Tiny Beautiful Things.
  • 55 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love

    Valentine’s Day, more like Schmalentin’s Day…Galentine’s Day is where it’s at! Coined by one of our heroes, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is Februa...
  • How to Work on Yourself: 5 Tips for Self-Improvement Success

    When you prioritize bettering yourself, you make huge strides in creating a positive sense of well-being. Some fun slash “I can do this and not abandon my resolutions by January 15th” ways to work on yourself, include:
  • Funny Happy Mother’s Day Cards to Send Friends

    So while you should obviously send a Mother’s Day card to your mom, don’t you think all the mom’s in your life, even if they aren’t YOUR mom, could use some honoring? 
  • Help Us Pick Which Non-Profits to Donate to in 2022!

    Who would you like to see us support: Take our survey!

  • Funny Digital Love Notes for Valentine's Day

    You know we are pro-snail mail BUT...who has the time sometimes?! If it's too late to get a card in time for Valentine's day, the least you can do...
  • Friendship Maintenance Friday: Volume 5

    How'd you do answering those questions* from last week?! If it dawned on you that you could use a little more ME work before you can muster the en...
  • What’s Your Word of the Year?

    Want to get more out of 2022? Start by picking one word that captures your values and intentions for the next year.
  • 2022: A New Year for Better Friendships

    Do any of your 2022 Resolutions involve friendship or community? If the answer is no, it's all gravy baby, but maybe it's worth considering...
  • Volume 4: Friendship Maintenance Friday

    Hopefully this week's Friendship Maintenance Friday gives you some fun ideas that focus on your chosen family!
  • Holiday Hang Sesh: 4 Holiday Gifting Alternatives for Friends

    In the event doling out a bunch of cash money for gifts isn't in the cards this year, we put our heads together to come up with four alternatives to traditional holiday gifting. These are unique ways to get your pals together to do something super meaningful, sans a bunch of dolla dolla bills, y'all.
  • The 2021 Friend Approved Gift Guide

    Our Friendship Gift Guide features  funky finds from some cool business (mostly female-owned!) that would love your biz!