The 2021 Friend Approved Gift Guide

They say people spend on average of 5-25 bones per friend when it comes to gifting friends over the holidays. A good reason to keep your friend count low, eh?! 

Our Friendship Gift Guide features  funky finds from some cool business (mostly female-owned!) that would love your biz!

  1. Bom Bom Beads

    These bracelets are the Bom(b) dignity. They elicit some middle school friendship bracelet nostalgia for sure. Plus, they are female-owned and hand-made. They never do this, but they gave us a special code to save 20% off the arm candy kit. Use code FriendsDoThis20 between now and December 20th to redeem.

  2. Twisted Tomboy

    If you’re like us, your shower is a haven. You go there to think, to chill, to get a break from your screaming children. We love their bestselling essential oil shower steamers. Your pores will love the extra TLC, trust us. 

  3. Sea to Skye 

    It’s not every day that one of your childhood best friends starts her own beautifully curated online shop. Enter Sea to SkyeA mix of original and curated designs for the home and lifestyle, inspired by Scotland and a love for all things English countryside.

  4. Eden Gardens

    Support this women-owned and operated shop with the most amazing essential oils. We especially love the “Good Night” essential blend! Apply a few drops on your pillow at night and you’ll be in sweet dreams in no time.

  5. Enso Games - CONNECT

    CONNECT is based on the ritual of story structure, Jungian archetypes, and the ancient practice of storytelling around the campfire. It’s a game designed to help people connect in more genuine ways with a series of progressively more daring questions. Be prepared to get deep with questions like, “are you readied for death” and “what have you never gotten over.

  6. JennavBeeEmbroidery

    For booby-licious embroidery and watercolor scrunchies, look no further than JennavBeeEmbroidery. Her stuff is beyond cute and for $5 you can send your friend a boob scrunchie?! Yes, please!

  7. Friends Do This

    Is it weird to put ourselves on our own gift guide? Well, too late :)
    We’ve got a new Boob Shirt and Mix packs that are all super affordable ways to spread some joy.

  8. Hygge

    If you’re looking for a gift that will help spark fun/weird/deep conversations, look no further. Whether over dinner, a campfire, road trip or Zoom, Hygge is a game designed to spark conversation. 

  9. Shit That I Knit

    From a Learn to Knit Kit to hand-knit Peruvian merino wool headbands, Shit I Knit has all kinds of unique gifts for when your bestie needs something warm and cozy.

  10. Kokak Chocolates

    This woman-owned artisanal chocolate shop is located the Castro Valley of San Francisco. They specialize in small-batch single origin heirloom chocolates that are dayuuum delish.

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