2022: A New Year for Better Friendships

Do any of your 2022 Resolutions involve friendship or community? If the answer is no, it's all gravy baby, but maybe it's worth considering...

But before you go all vague with things like "I want to make new friends!" or "I want to ghost less," we put together some questions to help determine which friendship goals or resolutions are right for you

Grab a pen, a glass of wine, and let’s get deep AF with a little homework assignment:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how important is having sense of community?
  2. Would you consider yourself a good neighbor?
  3. To whom do you owe a phone call?
  4. Do you have a friendship that would benefit from clearer boundaries?
  5. Have you ever broken up with a friend? Why?
  6. Has a friend ever broken up with you? Why?
  7. To whom might you owe an apology?
  8. What does friendship feel like when it’s great?
  9. What does it feel like when it’s one-sided or not-so-great?
  10. With whom would you like to spend a whole day with?

Warning: Feels are likely to occur with this exercise.

But fear not! A little 2022 Friendship Maintenance is all you need, and we got you! We'll be sharing friendship resolutions/goal ideas, ways to make good on said resolutions, and hopefully make you giggle a little along the way.

So do this homework now and stay tuned! We send weekly Friendship Maintenance Friday emails every Wednesday (jk, they get sent on Friday). Don't miss an email by signing up here.

Do you already have a friendship resolution? Share them below! 

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