55 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love

Valentine’s Day, more like Schmalentin’s Day…Galentine’s Day is where it’s at! Coined by one of our heroes, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is February 13 and it’s a fictional (but very serious) holiday that is meant to celebrate friendship.

The best Galentine’s Day ideas incorporate things your friends love into the day, like thoughtful Galentine's day gifts, a delicious meal or a shared experience—whether you live next door to each other (#goals) or 3,000 miles apart.

But what do you get someone for Galentine’s Day? We put our brains together to come up with 55 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas and activities your besties will love! 


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  1. Wine Swap
    Grab a bottle of your favorite vino and have your bestie do the same for a little wine swap action.

  2. Take a Mixology Class
    Learn something new, like the art of a perfect cocktail, with a mixology class. Simply search “mixology classes near me” and voila!

  3. Flight Night with Local Beers
    You could go to a brewery or stop by a bottle shop to pick up a variety pack to enjoy at home.

  4. Sparkling Wine Party
    Host the perfect sparkling soirée that’s equal parts elegant, easy, and fun. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and follow these six easy steps from Domaine Carneros for a bubbly good time.

  5. Tackle Trivia Night
    Trivia nights are a great way to flex your brain muscles and connect over wine or beer. Plus, that sweet sweet victory will have you talking about it for ages!

  6. Mocktail Night
    Non-Alcoholic Beverages are getting quite the spotlight right now! With so many new non-alc beers, seltzers and even spirits the options are endless. Avoid the hangovers and try something new while still feeling like a million bucks the next morning!
  7. Blind Taste Test Off
    Is your city known for a special type of food - say philly cheesesteaks or cannolis? Have some fun figuring out which takes the top spot. Grab one of each and have someone label them so you can figure out what is what once you’ve picked the winner. Or do this with your favorite wines! Have 4 rose’s you like? Blindly taste them and get the ultimate winner!

Foodie Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Host a Potluck Dinner
    Do all of your besties make one dish especially well? Bring all of that goodness together for one night of indulgence! Pro tip: wear sweatpants.

  2. Cookie Swap
    No need to share Grandma’s secret recipe! Just bring a batch of your family's top secret chocolate chip cookies (or whatever you love, obvi) to a girls night in.

  3. Baking Night
    Nothing brings friends together like sugar and butter. Have your friend over and bake something fun - like these hilarious sweatpant wiener sugar cookies!

  4. Fondue Night
    Cheese. On. Everything. Need we say more?

  5. Take a Cooking Class Together 
    Check out LivingSocial or Groupon to see if any fun cooking classes are offered in your area. You never know what deals you’ll find.

  6. Gift Them a Coffee Subscription
    For the always caffeinated bestie, consider a coffee subscription! You can sign them up for as short as 3-months with Trade.

  7. Buy Your Friend a New Cookbook
    We’ve been loving Alison Roman’s Dining In.

  8. Pasta Night!
    Whether you already have a pasta maker (or want to purchase a cheap one from Amazon) making your own pasta from scratch is easier than you think!

  9. Make Your Own Sushi
    Love sushi and always wanted to try making it yourself? A few years ago we took on this challenge and had one of our most memorable nights. Head to your local Whole Foods to find some sushi grade fish and we HIGHLY suggest just getting sushi rice from a local sushi restaurant. Then create your own rolls and see what culinary skills you’ve got up your sleeve!

Snail Mail Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Card Writing Party
    Maybe you have a friend going through a tough time or it’s your sister's birthday coming up. Host a card writing party where you supply a variety of cards, fun pens, and stamps (duh) so you can blitz someone’s mailbox who needs a little pick me up, snail mail style!

  2. Have FDT write all of your gal pals a card
    We will hand write your personalized message on one of our cards  using our real human hands. We'll try really hard to make sure it doesn't resemble a ransom note. Then we'll tuck 'er in an envelope and lick a stamp! We can mail your card anywhere in the world!

    From birthdays to baby showers, Valentine’s Day and thank you cards, sending handwritten greeting cards online has never been easier! 

  3. Send a Greeting Card Pack
    Boobies? Wieners? A couple of each? Our mix packs make it easier than ever to fire off that good juju!

  4. Fill a small box with a few local tasty treats
    This doesn’t have to break the bank. Head to USPS and get their smallest flat-rate box. Then just fill it with some of your favorite thingscandy, a sticker from your favorite coffee shop, a little note—and make your friends day!

  5. Send a box filled with 10 little notes why you love them
    This is an easy (and cheap!) way to make your friend feel special this Galentine’s day. Just grab construction paper, think of 10 compliments, write them down, fold em’ up, and put them into a jar or box. Your friend can periodically pull a little compliment out when they need a little pick me up.

Night In Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. 1. Hygge Night 
    Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a “Scandinavian” (or Danish, really) word for enjoying the good things in life. It evokes an atmosphere of coziness accompanied by a feeling of contentment and well-being, and there’s nothing more hygge than spending quality time with the people you love. We highly recommend buying this game and inviting all of your Galentines over for some cozy conversation!

  2. Spa Day
    Treat yo’ self and splurge a little on some fancy products.

  3. Beauty Product Swap
    Have everyone bring their favorite product, whether it’s for hair, face, or nails, and then everyone gets to give it a try! If we were invited to your party (seriously, can we come?!) we would bring this snail goodness!

  4. Clothes Swap
    Do you remember doing this in highschool? Why the heck did we ever stop? Bring over some shirts and sweaters that you’re kind of over, and let your friend give them new life!

  5. Book Exchange
    Rather than recommending a friend check a book out, send her the book she must read, and ask her to mail you one of her favorites. Bonus: You guys can set up a zoom or coffee date once you both finish so you can chat about it!

  6. Book a Private Chef for a Night
    Booking a private chef for your Galentine’s Day celebration may be just the pampering experience you all need. There are many world-class private chefs near you to book for an elevated dining experience… just google it

  7. Charcuterie Board Challenge
    Everyone picks a different theme and brings a charcuterie board that fits! Whether it's fast food board, tacos & tequila board, salty treats board or your good old fashion meats & cheese board get creative with it and enjoy all the deliciousness!

  8. Learn a Dance
    Okay this might sound a little ridiculous but have you scrolled through TikTok and seen everyone doing any one of those viral dances? You ladies may not be dancers but believe us when we tell you your night will be full of laughs. You don’t have to post the video anywhere (we did….) - but just have some fun and pretend it's the good ol’ days when you were learning the choreography to NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye.

  9. Game Night!
    If you’re like Jordan and love you some competition (especially in the form of board games) let your gal’s know it's about to get real. Opt for fan favorite Monopoly Deal or maybe even throw it back to some Game of Life. 

Girls Day Out Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Spa Day Out
    Go get mani’s and pedi’s together or check out your local spa. We have some of our own favorites like Boston local Jill Miller (she’s worked magic on all of our faces) but there are plenty of estheticians and spas to go around!

  2. Brunch at a new spot in town, hello mimosas!
    Have you been dying to check out a new brunch place in town? Treat yourself to some brunch goodness for a little brunch outing this Galentine’s Day.

  3. Catch a Matinee
    There are few things more magical than going to the movies and exiting a theater while it’s still daylight. Try it!

  4. Browse a Local Bookstore
    Grab a cup of coffee and spend an hour at a local bookstore browsing all of the isles.

  5. Comedy Night
    Name a more fun activity than laughing with your bestie. We’ll wait… Take the night of from your own jokes and go see some comedy at your local improve spot.

  6. Book your friend a Boudoir mini-shoot!
    Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting in front of the camera but haven’t pulled the trigger and you just need some encouragement from your besties. Our friend and amazing photographer recently opened The Renaissance Room and provides the most amazing experience to help you feel your most confident and sexiest self.

  7. Get Sweaty with your bestie!
    Whether you head to a spin class, yoga class or a local HIIT class put on your favorite matching set (or leggings and a giant t-shirt #comfort) get your sweat on with your bestie and bask in the endorphins. Bonus: find a local bakery or coffee shop and treat yourself post sweat sesh!

  8. Catch a Hockey or Basketball Game
    Are you and your besties sports fans? Hockey and Basketball season is in full swing so whether you're cheering on the best NHL team in the league *Go Bruins* or love you some NBA arm muscles, check ticketmaster or the Gametime app, put on your best apparel and cheer on your team live!

  9. Dine with other Galentines
    So many restaurants are getting in on the Galentine’s Day fun. Find a spot near you (whether it’s your go to - or something new) and get reservations for their Galentine’s day dinner!

Artsy Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Host a Paint Night
    Find a local store offering a wine and paint night or better yet, invest in a watercolor paint set, and have your friend over for a chill night of gabbing and watercoloring! We are huge fans of ART of SOIL. This is a small, woman-owned business centered around sharing the beauty, importance, and love of soil.

  2. Paint at Home
    Grab yourself some giant canvases and paint and just have fun with it. Whether you try one of the plaster trends on TikTok or just have some vino and get silly with your besties - we’re sure you’ll create a work of art!

  3. Gift an Easy Plant
    If your friend has even the smallest resemblance of a green thumb, give her a small plant to make her house feel extra home-y. Succulents tend to be super low maintenance so think about starting there!

  4. Post-It Note Their House
    This is a hilarious and fun idea for Galentine’s Day, their birthday, or just a random day of the week. Write 20-50 postcards with positive affirmations, inside jokes, or fun quotes. Then, sneak into their place and put the post-it notes everywhere. You can hide some in silly places so that they will enjoy a random chuckle for months to come.

Self Care Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Gift Them Cozy Socks or SlippersFrom Jules: “Carolyn gifted us all slippers a few months back—just completely out of the blue—and I swear, I think of her every time I put them on. It’s like little Carolyn hugs for my feet!” You don’t have to break the bank on this. Just some simple cozy slippers will do!

  2. Treat Them to a Relaxing Candle
    Candles are an easy way to create a relaxing ambiance. If you don’t know your friends favorite scents, gift one of yours and they’ll think of you every time they light it!

  3. Send them Some Essential Oils
    We love Eden’s Garden essential oils (plus, they are women-owned, too)!

  4. Get Them Organized with a Daily Planner
    There is a lot of literature out there that suggests starting each day with a moment of gratitude. Set your gal up for success every day with a fun daily planner she’ll use all year long.

  5. Gift Them Some Velvet Scrunchies
    Crushed velvet + scrunchies? Does it get any better? These one’s from Urban Outfitters are perf.

  6. Have Them Try a Shampoo Bar
    Looking to reduce single use plastics this year? Give her friend a shampoo and conditioning bar. We’ve recently been loving the kitsch tea tree & mint shampoo bar.

  7. You Are a Badass 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar
    Give your friend the affirmation she needs with a daily calendar that reminds her why she is so dang awesome.

  8. Give Them a Few Face Masks
    These need no explanation but everyone loves themselves a little self care, and whats better than some luxurious face masks that brighten, tighten and moisturize your skin. Jordan’s been crushing on Loops lately but there are endless options out there.

Surprise and Delight Galentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Send Venmo Cash for a Coffee/Drink on You
    It’s crazy what a surprise $5 or $10 does to our brain. When you drop a little dough in your friend's account, she’ll get all the feel goods while she sips on her favorite bevy.

  2. Call Your Girlfriends
    We are usually all about the written word but when was the last time you called your friend? All you need is 8 minutes to connect (what better gift than to connect with friends!)

  3. Surprise Visit Them
    Whether it’s driving distance or heck, a short flight, surprise the heck out them and show up on their doorstep! Jordan just did this for Carolyn and it was a huge success. Here’s a tip: If they live with someone, say a parent or a roommate, coordinate with them to make sure they are 1.) in town and 2.) Don’t already have plans.

  4. Send ‘em Flowers
    Sure this may be an obvious one but who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers?! Whether they have a significant other or are livin’ that solo dream send ya girl some flowers and remind her she’s seriously the tits. Farmgirl flowers never disappoint or head to your local florist to support small!


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