Funny Happy Mother’s Day Cards to Send Friends

When you think of sending a Mother’s Day card, the first obvious recipient is well, your mom. But Mother’s Day at its core is about honoring the sacrifices mothers make for their children. You know, things like forgoing sleep, eating quesadillas off the flo0r, putting their careers on hold, calloused nipples…. The list goes on!

So while you should obviously send a Mother’s Day card to your mom, we think think it's a great opportunity to reach out to your friends as well. Maybe you have a friend who is going through IVF or your gal pal who has three kids and zero time for herself. How special would they feel to hear from you for no other reason than for you you to say, "I see you and you're doing great."

Here at Friends Do This, we take a sarcastic and humorous approach to "honoring" and think a funny Mother’s day card is exactly what’s in order this Mother’s Day. 

Happy mothers day friend funny

What do you write in a friend’s mother’s day card? 

Maybe your friend is a new mom, getting a couple of hours of sleep a night and questioning her humanity. Or, maybe you have a friend who is celebrating their first Mother’s Day as an empty nester. In both scenarios, a funny mother’s day card could lift their spirits instantly.

A simple message that encourages them to keep that shiz up might just be all they need to feel special and seen this Mother’s Day. It could be as simple as telling them you are thinking about them, that any child would be lucky to have them as a mom, or encouraging them to take some “me” time. 

Examples of what to write in a funny Mother’s Day card when your friend has kids

“To my breast friend, I hope you are cherished like the queen you are this Mother’s Day. You are seriously the tits and your kiddos are so dang lucky to have you as their momma! 

“You inspire me every single day. Not necessarily to be a mom because that shiz looks crazy hard. But you're doing a bang up job and your boobs look phenomenal. Happy Mother’s day!”

Examples of what to write in a funny Mother’s Day card when your friend wants kids but doesn't have them

“I know today is probably one of your least favorite days. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and that I love you. Call/text/FaceTime me if you need some extra giggles.“

“Want to have a girl’s night and relish in the lack of responsibilities we have compared to our other friends over copious amounts of cheese and wine?”

Examples of what to write in a funny Mother’s Day card when it’s your friend's first Mother’s Day 

“Yay! Your kid is still alive. If that isn’t crushing mom life then I literally don’t know what is. I hope your first Mother’s Day is precious, fun, and involves one or two less poopy diapers than usual!”

We love a card with a fun list in it! You could send your friend a card that lists the top 5 or top 10 things she’s crushed so far as a badass mother. Examples:

  1. Surviving on minimal sleep but still looking fabulous.
  2. Getting peed on 413 times while  maintaining your sanity.
  3. Crushing van life like you born for it.
  4. Getting puked on 749 times and only having to throw away a couple of shirts.
  5. Changing 1,763 poopy diapers and only gagging 867 times.

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Our collection of funny Mother’s Day cards was created with one goal in mind: To help people make a mom’s day. Whether it’s to celebrate your mom or your friends who are moms we hope one of these funny Mother’s Day cards and these message examples  will make a mom laugh, smile, or tinkle her pants. (Her bladder is shit after all!)

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