Spotify Unwrapped 2021: Friends Do This Edition

It's that time of the year - Spotify Wrapped has arrived! It's a great opportunity to connect with your friends by sharing with each other your top (probably overplayed) songs of the year... 

How to access Spotify Unwrapped & Share

  • Step 1:  Open the Spotify app on your phone and find it under "Your 2021 in review."
  • Step 2. Tap the “Share this story” text in the app and save it as an image.
  • Step 3: Send that sucker to your friends and ask them to do the same!

Ready to jam out with your tits out?
Tap each of our Unwrapped summaries to checkout what we're into!*




Jordan's Spotify Unwrapped



Julia's Spotify Unwrapped


*Jules claims there must have been some algorithm issue on hers because she hasn't the faintest idea how Bruce Springsteen is her #4 or even on her list at all. Nothing against the guy (he's one of the GOAT's) but, really Jules?! 

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