Volume 1: Friendship Maintenance Friday


Friendships don't nurture themselves ya'll! Introducing Friendship Maintenance FridaysYour weekly dose of inspiration for ways to be a better friend, make better friends, and keep your friendships burning strong!


Big Friendship

Big Friendship
A Must Read for Reals

Big Friendship explores society’s most under-appreciated relationship: Friendships. We owe a lot to this book here at FDT. Our bond was made stronger after reading it and it helped us recognize two toxic friendships we put up with for waaaay too long!

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Girls Gotta Eat Podcast

Girls Gotta Eat Podcast
Friendship Red Flags

"We all deserve to walk away from interactions with friends feeling good about ourselves." - Rayna AMEN, ya'll. This sex positive podcast takes a break from dating advice to talk friendship red flags and how to decide if a friendship is worth saving (or saying, Adios, psycho!).

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poop friends

Invisibilia Podcast 
Poop Friends

Invisibilia fuses narrative storytelling with science in a super dope way. Their new season is all about Friendship, including this sode on Poop Friends, i.e. the friend you talk to and share poo related info with. Don't blush... it's more common than you think!

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Cool, cool, cool so now what?!

In the spirit of being thankful, consider writing your BFF(s) to tell them how flippin' grateful you are to have them in your life. We love a card with a list in it so think of 5 reasons they're the tits and let them know.


 "You're always there to talk me off the ledge when I'm premenstrual and contemplating every aspect of my existence."

- Jules to Carolyn and Jordan every month

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