Volume 2: Friendship Maintenance Friday

Grab a turkey sangy, warm up some taters, and get cozy with this week's Friendship Maintenance FridayYour weekly dose of inspiration for ways to be a better friend, make better friends, and keep your friendships burning strong!


Chosen Family 
Amen for Friendsiving

For some peeps, and especially for the LGBTQ community, chosen family is everything. This NYT article, "For Those Who Feel Rejected by Family" details how Friendsgiving is the perf opportunity to gather like-minded peeps to participate in traditions that might otherwise feel unwelcoming/awkward because families are #complicated.

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Love Life
Binge-y AF
'Tis the season to binge the f out some good telly. Queue: Love Life. It's a rom-com about the highs and lows of one chic's love life (played by Anna Kendrick!). BUT there is also so much good juju about friendships and being there for your peeps.
Highly recommend.

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Friends Fitness Challenge

You’ve heard of Friendsgiving, but have you heard of Friendsrowing? Find a friend and schedule a live group row on ic.row. Catch-up over the shared audio channel while you work together to chase down their ducks. Everyone that logs a group row between now and November 30th will be sent a #BeatTheDuck sticker!

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Keepin' That Friendship a Flame

Who doesn’t love a compliment, right? Enter: The Compliment Jar.

All you need is a jar (obvi), pen, paper, and about 10 nice things to say.

 Write one compliment per piece of scrap paper, fold it up, drop it in the jar, and voilà! The future jar owner has free compliments to pull from when they need a little pick-me up!

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