Why Greeting Cards Are Important

Why greeting cards are important


Close your eyes and picture this (okay well I guess you can’t close your eyes and read at the same time but just go with it...). 

It’s a Monday afternoon, you're still not awake or ready for the week ahead. You’re sitting in your “home office” counting down the hours until you can sit on the couch and watch the new season of Handmaids Tale. You see out the window that the mailman pulls up and delivers your mail, whoopdedoo. To stretch your legs and get away from your computer you take a walk out to the mailbox to pick up the inevitable bills, coupons, magazine from Athleta and other useless mail. 

But on the walk back into your house as you’re sifting through the mail you find something unexpected. It’s an envelope with a little pink snail, and there is actual handwriting on the outside. You can’t help but to smile. 

You’re suddenly giddy and you start to prance inside with anticipation of opening up this surprise piece of mail. You open up that beautiful envelope only to find an even more beautiful card, with cute little weenies drawn and a one liner that has you ROFL’ing (do people still say that??)

When you open up that card you see a handwritten note from your bestie. Day. Officially. Made. Hell we’re going to guess your week, maybe your month, was officially made!

Now - think about this (are your eyes still closed??). I’m your bestie and I’ve found this rad website with the most perfect inappropriate greeting cards graced with hilarious hand drawn dicks and boobies and a one liner that has me in a laughing fit. I immediately think of (insert best friend's name) and know that she too would blush and giggle when being exposed to these body parts.

I know I need to purchase this card asap and am already giddy with excitement thinking about her opening up this envelope only to do a little happy dance. I purchase from the coolest and funniest website I’ve ever been on *shameless plug* and wait in anticipation for the card to arrive in the mail. 

When the package finally arrivesI rip it open, find the perfect pen and begin to craft a message that I know will lift her spirits and brighten her day. I seal the envelope with a french kiss, put a stamp perfectly imperfectly on the corner of the envelope, doodle a few doodles and rush to the nearest post office. [3 days later] My phone buzzes, could it be?! Did she get the card?! The anticipation of sending that letter is almost, ALMOST, as good as receiving it.  

So, why do we write cards?

  • It surprises people (surprises = awesomeness (unless you are startling a 100+ old lady))
  • You know how we learned cursive in grade school. When the F was the last time you used cursive?! We live in such a tech world, could you imagine if you legit forgot how to write words?! 
  • There’s a reason gratitude journals are the tits. They remind you what you have and deliver positive juju. 
  • Friendship maintenance: friendships don’t just grow organically. They need to be fostered, to be nurtured and just like you would a lover, you gotta keep your bestie on her toes!
  • The average person gets 120 emails a day. A card sticks out and is more influential.

We write greeting cards because at the end of the day as humans, we all want to feel loved and to be seen. And in our opinion, knowing someone took time out of their inevitably busy life to think of you, purchase a card, and put words on paper means a whole lot. Whether they’re writing to celebrate, congratulate, or just to say hello, the time they took to go through the process of writing that greeting card shows the one receiving it how much someone cares.

Forget sending a text, put in the extra effort and really show how much the humans in your life mean to you. Pick up the pen, crack those knuckles, and get to writing. We promise it will not only brighten your day, but your friend(s) will have the best day of their life when they open up that card (okay, okay that’s a stretch, but you never know!) 

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