Friendship Maintenance Friday: Volume 5

How'd you do answering those questions* from last week?!

If it dawned on you that you could use a little more ME work before you can muster the energy to make your friendships better, you ain't alone!

These resources below helped us get out of our own little ruts this week and we hope it will help you do the same.

And if you're rut-free btw, TELL US YOUR SECRETS.


Until next week...

choose a word to act as your 2022 mantra

Whats Your Word?

Rather than a list of resolutions, try this: choose a word to act as your 2022 mantra. Try not to think of your word as a resolution (like “diet”) or specific goal (like “saving money”). Instead, find your word by reflecting on your favorite experiences, your hopes and dreams, and areas in your life that deserve more TL-motherfin'-C.



Feng Shui Magic

Feng Shui Tips

"I was feeling down about a whole bunch of things. I moved my bed 90 degrees to a 'command position' and I feel like I could end world hunger!" - Jules

OK, that might be a stretch BUT if moving a few things around could unclog some serious motivation blockage, wouldn't you try it?! Enter: Feng Shui. These tips will have you feeling like a super hero in no time.


Retail Therapy

CHANI appil Overalls

When in doubt: buy yourself something that makes you feel fabulous. We are loving these kickass overalls from Dovetail Work Wear. Comfy, durable, and dare we say... sexy!



*Here are the questions we asked last week:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how important is having sense of community?
  • Would you consider yourself a good neighbor?
  • To whom do you owe a phone call?
  • Do you have a friendship that would benefit from clearer boundaries?
  • Have you ever broken up with a friend? Why?
  • Has a friend ever broken up with you? Why?
  • To whom might you owe an apology?
  • What does friendship feel like when it’s great?
  • What does it feel like when it’s one-sided or not-so-great?
  • With whom would you like to spend a whole day with?

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